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The Rohr Chabad Jewish Center at USC offers students and families the opportunity to stay connected to Jewish life throughout the year. Run by Rabbi Dov and Runya Wagner, the center provides Jewish students a supportive and nurturing “home away from home.” Regardless of your Jewish background or involvement, we’re sure to have something just for you.

Location: 2713 Severance st. Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Temporary location while the Chabad House is under construction: 2700 Severance St. (down the driveway).


Phone: 310-801-3142

Our Mission

Chabad at USC is dedicated to providing meaningful and accessible Jewish life to students at USC. There are so many ways for every individual — no matter their background or affiliation — to connect with Judaism and join our vibrant community of Jewish Trojans. We believe that every Jew should have the opportunity and resources to be able to practice and learn about their heritage.

Our organization welcomes everyone into our judgement-free zone — no strings attached. We strive to make Chabad at USC a place for belonging and spiritual growth.

Our Work

To achieve our mission, Chabad at USC offers all aspects of Jewish life for students to be able to practice and learn about their heritage. Throughout the week there are several programs: social events for Jews to meet other like-minded Jews, learning programs on many dynamic Jewish topics, and on Friday nights Chabad at USC hosts the largest weekly Shabbat dinners in the entire West Coast. Holidays are celebrated at Chabad with large turnouts and great joy. Services are held on Shabbat and holidays. Mezuzahs are provided to students, as well as Menorahas and other Jewish resources. We provide soup for students feeling under the weather, and holiday care packages for those who couldn’t make it home. We have several fun trips throughout the year, like Birthright Israel and Pegisha in New York City.

We are a non-for-profit organization independently funded by the generosity of supporters like you!

About Chabad

Chabad is a Jewish movement, originating in Eastern Europe some 250 years ago, that focuses on Jewish outreach and a special love for each and every Jew — no matter their affiliation or religious observance.

Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision, Chabad on Campus was formally established in 1969. Today, there are over 250 full-time campus centers in the USC, and hundreds more campuses served around the country and throughout the world. In all, there are over 5,000 Chabad Houses in 100 countries and all 50 states.



How it All Began

22 years ago, Rabbi Dov and Runya Wagner came to USC with the goal of providing Jewish education and opportunities to what was then a small Jewish student group. As the years grew on, so did the Jewish involvement at the Chabad events at USC, with thousands of student interactions each year. Accompanied by their newborn baby, Mushky, Rabbi Dov and Runya went on to build a large family and large Jewish community at USC. 22 years later, Mushky joined the Chabad @ USC staff along with her husband Rabbi Dovid. With our long-term goals and aspirations, we see these past 22 years as just the very beginning of something very impactful and long reaching, the story of the countless Jewish spraks we wish to ignite and souls to inspire.